Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds (2019)

Raleigh Little Theatre:  Raleigh, NC

“Jeremy Clos’ costume design is exceptional, bringing the feathered creatures to life and giving each character their own personality, as varied and luscious as a tropical garden.”
Review by Melanie Simmons, Triangle Arts and Entertainment

“Costume design by Jeremy Clos provides the richest visual splendor, fully evoking this world of vibrant color and creative patterns. Natural artifacts and native craft from the Caribbean islands serve as inspiration for Mr. Clos’s designs, especially the costumes of the three birds and Duppy, which are among the most striking to have graced a stage of Raleigh Little Theatre.”
Review by Garrett Southerland, Talkin’ Broadway

“It would be exceptionally difficult to discuss Three Little Birds without praising Costume Designer Jeremy Clos, who rose to the challenge of creating costumes to represent birds from different parts of Jamaica’s history, from a gorgeous peacock to Spanish Conquistador Birds with armor, and, of course, Colonizer birds, with Maria K. Barber getting a brief but hilarious turn as the Great Grandmother British Bird.”
Review by Rachel Kasten, Chatham Life & Style

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