Blood at the Root (2019)

Raleigh Little Theatre:  Raleigh, NC

Jeremy David Clos’ costume design clearly conveyed definitive high school cliques. Clos made several powerful choices for individual costume pieces – a prison jumpsuit and a confederate flag t-shirt, to name a few – that effectively emphasized tension in several moments throughout the performance.” – Review by Spencer Phillips, Classical Voice of North Carolina

Jeremy David Clos’s costume design felt realistic to high schoolers and helped define the different high school cliques in a very recognizable way. ” – Review by Nicole Ackman, Broadway World

The costumes (designed by Jeremy Clos) bring to life high school archetypes and provides [sic] a nice contrast to the simplicity of the set. The students are the life of this play, but the world around them is cold and harsh. ” – Review by Michelle Okoh, Chatham Life & Style

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